Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We've had a busy month leading up to summer. We are now the proud parents of a high school graduate! Syd's graduation was held at Lawlor Events Center. There were around 400 graduates - quite a big difference of 54 for me. I really thought that I would cry at the ceremony. I brought Kleenex, ready to bawl big time, but I only got teary-eyed once. I think there was so much going on, I was busy taking all that in. Plus, I got a lot of crying done the week prior to the graduation.
Can you believe she is graduating?! Seems like not so long ago I was tucking her in to her little toddler bed, and reading her Mother Goose. Life goes by too fast.
That's me, Syd and Adam after graduation.
You can see that Erin has been busy shopping and sewing. The boots she got at Prism Magic, the purse was a gift from Grandma, and she made the skirt. This ensemble makes me think of how different our tastes our. But I also see how creative and talented she is and am very proud of her ability to put together an outfit and wear it proudly.
Syd entered the Reno Raunch-o-Rama "pinup" girl competition. Erin and I made the dress, but I really think the petticoat makes this outfit. What d'ya think?

The same day as the car show was World Wide Knit In Public Day. Soooo, we had to knit in public, even if for just a little bit.
Every year in the winter months before Spring and Summer, I think of how this year I'm going to make the best garden ever. This year we ordered seeds, even planted them indoors to start growing them, but planted them outside a little late. Our poor little plants are not doing so well. Of course, having one of the wettest springs I can ever remember with little sun and very cool weather sure isn't helping them. We're finally getting warm weather but I don't think they had a

Clay put in an awesome sprinkler system for our garden. Now we just have to turn the faucet on to water the whole garden.

Beans and peas,

Poor garden! Maybe it will perk up with more sun.

Ok, so this isn't the garden, I just like these two pictures.

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