Friday, July 11, 2008

Easily Entertained

When you see this picture, you may be asking yourself, what's so great about a clothesline? For the seven years we have lived at this house, I have been wanting a clothesline - specifically, an umbrella clothesline. I asked for one on my birthday, Christmas, and Mother's Day. Clay searched for one, but had been unable to find one. Eventually the need for one got lost in the shuffle of other needs and wants. Recently I called up a friend of mine and asked what she was doing. "Hanging out clothes on my new clothesline" she replied. Clothesline?? Where in the world did you find a clothesline?? Seems her husband had been able to find one for her, and she would ask him where he got it. Fast forward a couple of days later, and her husband calls me up and says, "I hear you're looking for a clothesline." Yes, oh yes, where did you find it. "Ernst Hardware," he replies. Now, I'm thinking to myself I haven't heard of Ernst in a while, and didn't they go out of business? Not wanting to sound too dumb, I didn't mention this out loud to him. Wouldn't ya know, later that day he drops off a new clothesline to my husband at work to bring home to me!!!! Yes, Ernst Hardware is no longer in our area, he told me that just so that I wouldn't go looking too hard - he got it at Home Depot. I'm thinking that maybe since people are thinking more "green" these days, clotheslines might start selling again.

So now I will proudly hang my clothes out to dry, helping the environment in small minute way. I will hang my clothes out to dry and not think of it as a chore, but rather a way to enjoy a few minutes of the quietness of the back yard. I will hang my clothes out to dry and think of good friends, and how good a small act of receiving a clothesline can mean so much. Thank you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oregon Vacation Pictures

Here are a few pictures - finally - of our Oregon trip:
Our first cache of our trip - on Hwy. 89
Second cache! Mt. Shasta is in the background
Our friend, Cody and his cousin, Jesse, kindly offered the use of their house to stay overnight in Medford.
On the way to Elkton - another cache.
This cache was in Elkton. We searched for it after eating lunch at Arlene's. Gotta love the name of that restaurant!
If you geocache and are near Florence, Oregon, this cache is a must find! check out the geocaching website, and look up the name "carnivorous plants." I must admit my kids were getting very tired of geocaching at this point. We took a wrong turn on this one that led us down a very jungle-looking trail.
This was our first time staying in a yurt, and we really enjoyed it. We thought about just taking a tent, but weren't sure of how cool it was going to get. I'm glad we stayed in the yurt, because at night it did get a little cool.
An outside view of our yurt - #27, Coquille, in South Beach campground, Hwy. 101, Oregon.
Your classic coast picture
Tide pools near the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. We went with my friend Melissa, and her two girls.
Going down the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. Can you believe I didn't get any shots of the exterior of the lighthouse?!
The house we all stayed at in Gleneden Beach. I love this house! Of course, it was great to visit with Melissa, too. I've known her for so long, and although we don't see each other much, when we get together it's like we start in right where we left off. We've decided to make this a yearly tradition.

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