Friday, September 19, 2008

Today the weather was finally starting to feel a little cooler. I really think I felt a touch of fall in the air. The sky was cloudy, and the wind blew a cool breeze. The weather man says this is only a teaser; the temperature is supposed to get back up in the high 80's soon. I think I really am done with the heat. Maybe, just maybe, if I just act like it is fall weather it will turn into fall weather - d'ya think? This newly acquired pumpkin certainly can't hurt. I love this! My mom and I were shopping at Walmart and my mom spotted it. We picked out the best two - I know because I think my mom went through each one of them!

Tomorrow is Saturday. That means a soccer game, and getting caught up on laundry, or at least trying to. Tonight we have only one child here at home. One is spending a night at a friend's house and the other is in California with a friend and her family. It is so quiet here tonight., almost too quiet. Tomorrow night we're planning on going out to dinner with some good friends of ours. I'm looking forward to that.
Our piano is getting a lot of use lately. I was going through some church music and came across one entitled Count Your Blessings. There are many times when I think of the glass as half empty instead of half full. I know I need to change my way of thinking but there are days when I just wake up being one of the seven dwarfs - Grumpy. Today I was looking at a rubber stamp blog, Missy B Designs, and she had a link to this blog. Reading this story really puts things into perspective. Why should I complain about having always being the one to replenish the empty roll of toilet paper when I have a healthy family. Does it really matter who emptied the trash last? Granted, I really don't think I was put on this earth to stay in the kitchen all day, but I was given this family to nurture and care for, and instead of taking them for granted, I need to see how much I really have. I need to Count My Blessings.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Clay and I took a quick drive out to Pyramid Lake today. Clay wanted to check out the supposedly new boat launch at Warrior's Point. No such luck, there is no boat launch. I haven't been to Warrior's Point in years. Clay remembers when it was built up - they had showers, bathrooms (not just sani-huts), and picnic tables with shade canopies. Now all that's left is what appears to be the roof of the building, but it could be the floor of it, jutting out from the shore. There is also a building that possibly was from the county (?) which is nothing but a pile of rocks and boards. I guess you know you're getting old when you keep finding yourself saying, "back in the day...."

We also went geocaching. Our first cache we went to we were able to find. This is a really cool place we want to take the kids to. The description of this cache was that it was located among some calcite fossil beds.. The beds are the remains of ancient Lake Lahontan and contain fossilized leaves from trees and plants that no longer appear in the Great Basin. We took the dogs out to run, and while they exercised, we looked for fossils. Even found a couple. This cache made up for the other that I could not locate. Got the coordinates, but was unable to find the cache. I hate it when that happens. Oh well.

South of Pyramid Lake

First cache of the day

Quiet night tonight. Syd and I are gearing up for the holidays. In September I usually get excited because I know fall is (or should be) right around the corner. I love Fall, my favorite time of the year. It's tradition for me in September to start making my Christmas gift list. This year Syd will probably help me make gifts. This year will also be our last Christmas with her living at home. Oh, I'm going to miss her. Have I mentioned that once - or twice, or ten or twenty times - already???

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