Friday, June 27, 2008

Well, our vacation is just about over. Unfortunately, we didn't have internet access at our beach house, and we didn't get to a place long enough to post. We arrived late Thursday in Susanville (actually Friday at 12:00 am), and for some reason I'm not able to download my pictures. I'll get those up later. Here's a little of what I wrote during our stay at the beach house:

We’ve arrived in Oregon! We could not ask for better weather. We left Saturday morning, around 10:30. Our destination the first night was to Jacksonville, Near Medford. We have a friend who lives there and we stayed the night at his house. Of course, we did some geocaching on the way - and actually found a couple of them! That night we ate in Medford, and took Cody along with us for dinner. We were back on the road again the next morning by 9:00 am, headed for the coast! We took I-5 up to Sutherlin, then cut across to Reedsport. Again, there were a few more geocaches to find. From Reedsport we took Hwy. 101 up the coast. On this trip, I want to just enjoy the trip, and be able to stop when I or the kids want to stop. For some, that means stopping at Fred Meyer. Yes, Fred Meyer. This is a favorite store to a six year old. Of course, that means the toy aisle. I must admit I am really sick of the toy aisle. But, we are on vacation so I am holding my tongue. We tried stopping at the Happy Kamper Yarn Barn in Florence, but it was closed (Sunday).
We checked into the South Beach Campground just south of Newport. I had originally planned to pack a tent, but because you can never be sure of the weather at the coast, we decided to reserve a yurt. This was our first time in a yurt, and we really liked it. We also really enjoyed this campground. Close to the beach with trails, showers (some hot, some not), and clean bathrooms.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Adventure in Oregon

We're getting ready for another trip to Oregon. Just the kids and I. We'll meet up with a friend of mine on the coast. I can't wait! Today we're driving to Medford - hope to be leaving in about 45 minutes. Plan to do some geocaching on the way. We'll keep our blog updated and try to post pictures.

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