Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday To You!

It's the second birthday in a week that our family celebrated. Can you believe our little girl is now nineteen?!!
When she was little I thought, I love this age. They grow so fast and you see so many milestones so quickly. When she was in elementary school I thought, I love this age. We send them off to school and get to see them learn, to make friends, and to grow into their own person. Middle school is more challenging, but I thought, I like this age. To see her become more independent and more confident made us so proud. Then high school - I love this age, too! She became her own person, and liked who she has become.
Now she is a college student, and I don't see her as often as I used to. She has grown up into a beautiful person. She is independent, and confident, something I have always lacked. I love this age.
Lest I get too sappy, I'm adding this picture! The day after her birthday, Sydnee had some friends over. There Adam is in the middle of her friends. They let him play seeing as he was the one who know how to hook up the games.
Happy Birthday

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syderad said...

I'm confident. Awww...What you really mean is self absorbed. Haha.

That was sweet though.


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