Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's The Little Things In Life

It's always fun to celebrate a birthday, but our little guy's was especially fun. He has come into our lives and found a way into our hearts. We will be forever grateful that we have had this time to spend with him. Happy Birthday, little guy!

Erin decorated the cake and we were all glad she did - it looks great! As I've said before, I am not a cook. We joke that I should be on the show, America's Worst Cooks (see picture below).
I can't even boil water - ha! This WAS supposed to be sweet potatoes. Maybe that part about being on the Worst Cooks show isn't such a joke after all.

We made a separate cake just for our little guy. He managed to put quite a dent in it. The plate was a Thomas The Tank Engine plate. He loves "choo choos" right now.

Surprise, he got a train set for his birthday. He has played and played - and played - with this set. He even wanted to take the train to bed with him. I just love this age.

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Erin Carter said...

Hey look!
I decorated that cake.

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