Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spring has Sprung, Welcome Summer

Yes, I haven't posted in forever. I know.
Yes, I should catch my blog up with what has happened in the last four months. I know.
But do I really want to spend all that time typing about what has happened in our lives in one blog?
So I'm posting a few pictures that I took yesterday that make me smile. And today, especially, I need to smile.

We're expecting! Butterflies, that is. Bought the butterfly kit before Christmas last year, sent away for the caterpillars, and this is what they look like today. We should have butterflies in four days or so.
Looks like I won't be using my clothesline for a while. A mother bird decided my clothespin holder looked like the perfect place to build her nest and lay her eggs.

She laid six beautiful eggs! Ouch.

1 comment:

Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Ouch is right!
Spring has sprung at your house....

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