Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrate Friday

It's Friday! Here are a few things we're looking forward to
this weekend:

No homework! Erin had finals this week
so is taking a break from the books. Adam has had enough of
the dictionary for a while. Here is why:

He opened up the dictionary this week to
look up his spelling words
and this is what he found. Eeewww!

Our little guy is turning two!! With nut allergies the choice of store-bought cakes is hard, so we're opting to make his cake at home. I am by no means a cake decorator, so this cupcake is more pleasing to the eye than my cake will be I'm sure.

Adam is having a friend over
for a sleepover. Can you tell he is excited!
Pizza for dinner!

We're going to watch a high school basketball game tonight. Why oh why did our little guy choose today to not take a nap?!

1 comment:

Daron and Jamee said...

They always nap when you are planning on them not napping, and will never nap when you really need them to.
Two?? Awesome! You will make a delicious cake. Remember, it's not what it looks like, it's what it tastes like. You could always make a seperate one for him (and let him dig in as he pleases) and then get another one for everyone else to enjoy....


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